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In 2017, YEZGO was established to provide simple game applications for app developers and publishers since then, we have gradually grown and developed and gradually established a strong foothold. on the international market.

In 2022, following the successes of game making, we decided to expand our business in the field of e-commerce in order to diversify the company’s ecosystem as well as to reach a new set of potential new customers. grow taller.


Our long-term vision in the period of 2022 – 2027 is to become a leading Game Publisher & Developer company in the region and the world, along with building a global e-commerce ecosystem that connects connect sellers and bring useful products to more people who need them….


Bring entertainment experience and intellectual value to the community through technology products.

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Customer reviews

Art Director

Kung Fu Factory

The quality of products from YEZGO team is beyond expectations… I hope we will have many opportunities to cooperate together

Executive Producter

Lucasfilm Ltd

YEZGO has an amazing game development team. Working and collaborating with them is an honor of our company.

Chief Product Officer

Playful Corp

Our product ideas are all completed correctly by YEZGO, and they also support us until we are satisfied.

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